ANDICOM 2022 BANNERWithin the framework of ANDICOM 2022, SAS released the Ebook on mega trends in the telecommunications era. SAS is a company that has been supporting companies from different industries for 5 decades. Now, through data and analytics, it provides them with information that allows them to evolve. 

In the media center of Impacto TIC we had to Andres Torres, SAS Sales Manager for Colombia and Ecuador, who told us about these 5 mega trends and how SAS is supporting companies in their execution. 

According to the Ebook, the 5 megatrends are: The first has to do with all the disruptive technologies, which are related to the spectrum and 5G networks. The second is related to customer service. The third, with digitization and Digital Transformation. The fourth is innovation and the fifth is efficiency. 

“We are talking that by 2030 there will be 30 billion connected devices around the world. Colombia is part of those regions that have been demanding this type of disruptive technology, but when we talk about analytics and Artificial Intelligence in the country we have managed to evolve quite a bit in sectors such as finance and telecommunications”, Andres Torres points out. 

Precisely during the Banking Convention, SAS presented the Ebook that details the 10 most important innovations of the banking of the future. as that the main asset of banks is data and the key is how to strengthen its management and what technologies to implement to reinforce it.

To see the SAS Ebook, presented at ANDICOM 2022, click:

We invite you to watch the full interview during the coverage of ANDICOM 2022

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