Our Services

Good journalism is not cheap. Thus, Impacto TIC provides digital journalistic services to finance its editorial work.


Marketing of journalistic content, of high quality and credibility, and transparent with our audiences.

Sponsoring - or co-creating - these contents helps organizations reach different audiences in a different and valuable way.

ICT events

Journalistic coverage and digital amplification of events in the digital environment, which breaks down geographical barriers and extends the 'useful life' of business events.

ICT Specials

One month, an in-depth topic. Current and relevant ICT issues are at the center of the coverage of Impacto TIC during each month.

ICT microsites

Multiformat journalistic microsites, published in Impacto TIC, in which the exclusive sponsor is a key source and protagonist of some content, for periods of 6 months or 1 year.


We are pioneers in the transmission of group videoconferences with leaders from Latin America.


In this web series, ICT Teacher teaches about basic topics of Technology, Innovation, Science and related fields.


Consulting and digital campaigns that extend and complement digital agencies.

Let's create together

We have built a portfolio of journalistic content that adds value to our audiences and provides communication and positioning possibilities for our sponsors.
But we understand the unique needs of organizations, so we're ready to team-create new formats, launch podcasts, or develop research or eBooks, and more.


Why build with us

Credibility and high reputation

Impacto TIC and its journalists are recognized for integrity in their processes and content.

Quality of products and content

From a sponsored article to the coverage of a major event, including social media campaigns, all products and content stand out for their high quality.

Professional team

We have more than 25 years of experience in journalism and ICT, more than 12 developing media and communication products.

We are passionate

We are passionate about Technology, Innovation and Science, as are journalism, communications and much more. We reflect this in the environment and in our services.

Creativity and permanent beta status

Although we have a history of ~ 25 years in journalism and ICT, we try to unlearn and learn, launch ourselves to experiment and create new things. We are still in beta!

High growth

In a world where traditional media shrinks, Impacto TICAs a digital native, it is growing. And not only in its metrics, but also in its team and its goals. And we are committed to growing hand in hand with our allies, sources, audiences and sponsors.

some numbers

The numbers don't say it all, but they do give clues to reality.
When they are real:

National and global ICT events covered by the team
+ 5M
Impacts / digital campaign
Among ICT media in Colombia, in relevance, social networks, traffic and interactions



110.000 UNIQUE PV
(Google Analytics, October 2020).