Artificial Intelligence is the protagonist of 2023. Applications and functions with Artificial Intelligence they are an ally for all and, now, it will also be for the most used tools such as email and documents. 

This is how they announced it this week giants like Microsoft and Google, who announced their bets for companies focused on Artificial Intelligence.

Google announced that generative AI features are now also available for Google workspace, with the goal of helping people create, connect and collaborate through Gmail tools, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, meet and chat. 

Going forward, users will be provided with AI-powered writing features in documents and Gmail. Simply write about a topic and a draft will be generated instantly. From this draft, the user can elaborate or shorten the message, as well as adjust the tone, all with a few clicks.

“Simply type a topic you'd like to write about and a draft will be instantly generated for you. With your collaborative AI partner, you can continue to refine and edit, getting more suggestions as needed." Google explains. 

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AI for Google Cloud 

Google's bet is that more companies use Artificial Intelligence, so to allow the participation of emerging companies, it expanded its Google for Startups Cloud Program with exclusive benefits. 

Google Cloud will launch a range of products that use AI, as well as giving businesses and governments the ability to generate text, images, code, video, audio and more, from simple natural language prompts. 

Startups will benefit from first-year cloud credits of up to $250.000, 24/7 access to fast, high-quality technical support, and cloud administrators and engineers. Google Cloud, as well as participation in events with the startup community to expand the network.

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AI benefits for developers

Google seeks to build the AI ecosystem more open and innovative, that's why within its strategy is to train all developers through a  Palm API, a new offering that makes it easy and safe to experiment with Google's great language models.

Along with the API was released MakerSuite, a tool that allows developers to start prototyping quickly and easily.

To this is added Generative AI support in Vertex AI that offers a simple way for data science teams to take advantage of grassroots models like PaLM. It includes the ability for businesses to address use cases like content generation and conversation summarization, all with enterprise-grade security, protection, and privacy.

Finally there is also Generative AI App Builder that allows organizations to create their own AI-based chat interfaces and digital assistants.