In past days,  raju vegesna, Zoho's Chief Evangelist, shared his firm's expansion strategy in Colombia. An initiative with particularities that differentiate it from other companies in the sector.

Vegesna, for more than two decades, has established itself as one of the key people for the strategic development of Zoho and was one of the leaders of the past Zoholics, held in Bogotá, where he gave details of the opening of the new headquarters in Chía.

Because The strategy of this multinational is aimed at small cities to the detriment of large cities. It is an initiative that Vegesna coined with a phrase: “As we grow bigger, we also grow smaller…”, since its international expansion implies developing regional teams that grow at its own pace.

In fact, when asked about future investments in Colombia and the region, the manager recalled that local investments are given according to the needs of each subsidiary. 

Of weights and crops

Therefore, Zoho has been working to receive and invoice, in the near future, in Colombian pesos, a policy of receiving local currencies that has already been implemented in other Latin American countries such as Brazil and Mexico. In addition, this money, received in Colombia, will be used to invest in the country.

Because the philosophy of this company varies from the traditional profiles of other Big Tech. To begin with, Vegesna stands out as Zoho employs more than 1.500 employees without professional cardboard because this firm values ​​knowledge more than certifications.

Even Vegesna points out how Zoho employees learn more in six months than is taught, in years, in conventional universities. Also, they have their own academy called Zoho Schools of Learning, where they even get paid to learn.

But beyond training, another cultural difference in Zoho occurs in the use of the natural resources of the headquarters, some of which grow food that is distributed among the employees themselves as snacks or healthy ingredients for other meals.

growing with the channel

With sales expectations of 10 million dollars, for the next five years, Vegesna does not rule out the opening of new offices in other Colombian cities, as always in small towns.

But of course, this expansion will occur progressively depending on the results of the country, which will also be leveraged in operations and local support. As an example, it is enough to remember that 65% of sales in Colombia were made through business partners.

The same partners who starred in Zoholics Bogotá 2022.