Digitization, Digital Transformation, 4RI, Technologies 4.0 and other current confusions

With the almost inevitable presence of technology in all facets of people's and companies' lives, for some years some terms and labels have been positioned whose purpose is to establish clear differences between some concepts and others, but that in the end They are generating some confusion. In many cases this happens because they are ambiguous, because they are used in the wrong way or because they are used excessively, especially for commercial purposes.

Digitization, Digital Transformation, Fourth Industrial Revolution and Technologies 4.0 are often terms used synonymously, but they are not or do not apply in all contexts. Therefore it is necessary to stop along the way to avoid further confusion. Although the limits are almost invisible, they exist, and in fact it could be said that they have been steps that, one after another, would lead us to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

But digitizing is not necessarily Digital Transformation, and one of the clearest examples is the implementation of electronic invoicing: this is a way to digitize billing, but it does not imply a Digital Transformation of the Dian or commercial establishments. You can digitize processes, but there is not necessarily a cultural change, a realm transformation of the organization.

There are many definitions and approaches. Pheard that from Impacto TIC We also bring a proposal to try to give more clarity to these terms - it is not an easy task to think about what is and what is not one or the other.

One of these things is not like the others ...

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