National Dialogue: cybersecurity as a priority for the country

The Presidency of the Republic of Colombia and the Alianza Digi Américas held a national dialogue table this week “Contributions for the development of a National Agency for Digital Security and Space Affairs".

This National Dialogue is an effort that has been carried out with the Digi Americas Alliance, an initiative made up of more than a dozen organizations, some of them Colombian. Both the government, the private sector, and the general public are making huge investments in technology and digital development. You have to be aware that these investments have to be accompanied by the appropriate cybersecurity precautions. 

The establishment of a new National Agency for Digital Security and Space Affairs will strengthen the development of our digital economy, prevent large-scale incidents (such as those that have been occurring in recent months), as well as promote projects and initiatives that will strengthen the digital and cyber ecosystem.

Saúl Kattan, Senior Advisor to the President of the Republic of Colombia and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ecopetrol, stressed that digital security must be considered as an enabler for the socio-economic development of the country. Similarly, he urged the private sector, civil society and various political actors to consider cybersecurity issues as a State priority, and put aside political biases. The establishment of a new National Agency for Digital Security and Space Affairs will strengthen the development of our digital economy, and prevent large-scale incidents, such as those that have been occurring in recent months.

This initiative has had the participation of multiple national actors, among which are leaders of the private sector, civil society, as well as actors from different political perspectives. Likewise, experts from the White House, the Department of Homeland Security of the United States, the World Economic Forum, Estonia, the United Kingdom, among other international experts, have been invited to share experiences and good practices in the implementation of this type of institutions. 

“Today we see how the Government of President Gustavo Petro is making progress in generating favorable environments to have more citizens and digital companies, for this reason we need to set our eyes on digital security and the capacity to respond to cybersecurity issues.Kattan expressed.

Ignacio Triana Cortés, director of technology and innovation for Trend Micro Colombia and Member of the Digi Americas Alliance, said: “Participation in this type of initiative makes it a priority every day to work with different organizations on issues related to cybersecurity. Continuous work with the national government allows exploring new opportunities for cooperation. The best way to raise the bar on security is to work together with leaders in the public and private sectors. We are committed to positively impacting society through the dissemination of threat information, defense exercises, and deployment of protection for data critical to nations and citizens." 

Belisario Contreras, Coordinator of the Digi Americas Alliance, thanked the Colombian government for the openness in carrying out this activity, and stressed that it is the first time that the Presidency of the Republic has organized and convened this type of national dialogue on the matter. . Contreras welcomed the participation of multiple national actors, which reiterates the interest and importance of establishing such an institution, and reiterated the interest of the Digi Americas Alliance organizations in working with the Colombian government.

Digi Americas is an initiative that is part of the Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law, a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that seeks to harness the experience of cybersecurity leaders to promote best policy practices and provide opportunities. educational opportunities that allow professionals, companies and groups of all sizes to take steps to improve their cybersecurity practices.

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