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ETB Trending Summit 2023, the space to talk about Digital Transformation in companies – Hangout

For the second time, the Bogota Telecommunications Company will hold the ETB Trending Summit. The event will be next April 19 in a virtual way, and it will be possible to attend prior free registration on the official website. It will be a space in which national experts...

Lack of digital skills in the world of work and the generation gap: results of the Salesforce Index

Salesforce released the Global Digital Skills Index, revealing a growing global digital skills crisis and the urgent need for action. The Salesforce Index is based on a survey of more than 23.000 workers in 19 countries who report their...



Cyber ​​resilience and cloud, 2 protagonists of modern computer security

“It's probably very ambitious, but by 2026, we want to double our revenue,” says Ignacio Triana, Trend Micro's MCA Technology leader.


The dwarf grew: Apple announces the Mac mini with M2 and M2 Pro processor

Apple's most affordable computers, the Mac mini will be repowered with the latest generation of M2 processors.

Cisco bets on Colombian talent with its first ATC in the country

Within the technology industry, few companies have had as much impact as Cisco. The American company, which has been in Colombia for 25 years, has managed not...

Sustainability, business networks and data, the pillars of SAP according to Marcela Perilla

15When it comes to technology giants, Germany's SAP may be one of the names that comes to mind. With more than 50...


It happens in the best families, is Microsoft in trouble?

Before you think about it, it's not you, Microsoft technology services have been crashing. What are these shortcomings due to?

Oracle bets on Cloud services and announces technological solutions for 2023

In the Oracle CloudWorld the roadmap was drawn up with the new trends.

Cybersecurity incidents affect the operation of large infrastructures

By Fernando Castro, Regional Sales Director, Central Latam of Nozomi Networks. Cybersecurity in OT Networks and Critical Infrastructure (ICS) encompasses a wide range...


Business leaders do not know how to make decisions based on data, Oracle study reveals

Data-driven decision making is an increasingly important practice for companies. However, with the amount of data and information available, business leaders still don't know how to improve their decision making or where to start. This is reflected in the global study on the 'Decision-making Dilemma' conducted by Oracle and Seth...