ANDICOM 2022 BANNERThe growth of ANDICOM in Colombia has been so significant that an edition for Latin America will be held in Mexico in 2023, confirmed this Wednesday Manuel Martínez, executive director of the Center for Research and Development in Information and Communication Technologies CINTEL.

“We can confirm that thanks to the growth and importance of ANDICOM in Colombia, the ANDICOM Latam version will be held in Mexico City in April 2023”, said Martínez during the inauguration of the most important meeting of digital technologies in Latin America.

"The relevance of ANDICOM has led to the internationalization of this event that will undoubtedly be of equal or greater importance for the continent", Martinez added.

During his speech, the executive director of CINTEL also referred to the main challenges of the digital technology sector in Colombia.

“The Digital Transformation of Colombia, and how to move forward to achieve it, is one of the main objectives of ANDICOM 2022. In this sense, I take advantage of the presence of President Gustavo Petro to point out that as a technology sector we are going to support a government plan that uses technology as a tool to achieve digital inclusion and development”.

Manuel Martínez also highlighted Networking as one of the most important achievements of ANDICOM 2022, since the presence of almost 200 leading companies in the technology sector makes this event an important source of business.

It should be noted that ANDICOM 2022, which ends next Friday, will present an academic agenda with leading world-class speakers, who will address topics such as Blockchain, cybersecurity, 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud and advanced analytics, among others, always from the technological and business perspective.