#AprenderTransforma, an alliance between Crehana and iNNpulsa for 100.000 Colombians to learn for free

During these difficult months that we are facing, not only in Colombia, but throughout the world due to the ravages of SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19), a paradigm shift has been caused in the way in which people of all ages , from anywhere in the world, have access to education, according to UNESCO data. According to this entity, "It is more essential than ever that the world community unites now to promote universal access to information and knowledge through open educational resources that promote entrepreneurship and personal and professional development of people." That is why it is born#LearnTransform, an alliance between the online education platform Crehana and iNNpulsa Colombia, designed to transform the future of education in Colombia and announcing 100 free temporary accesses.

These courses are taught by experts and leaders who work in global companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Rappi or Uber. Alliances such as Crehana and INNpulsa Colombia seek to awaken resilience and bring the necessary skills so that the economic and social impact of this pandemic is reduced. “In Crehana and together with INNpulsa, we are sure that education can change a country; learning something new encourages entrepreneurship, job creation and enhances the talent of Colombians who are an active part of the country's productive life "Jhon Camacho, Country Manager of Crehana in Colombia, stated. The 100 temporary free access to Premium courses are aimed at all Colombians who want to learn to transform their lives, regardless of the type of career they are studying, whether they are employees, entrepreneurs or businessmen.

More than 100 different courses will be open in categories such as Business, Design, Entrepreneurship, E Commerce, Innovation, Photography, Digital Marketing, Crafts, among others. Taking these courses does not require a schedule or an entrance exam. All you need is a device with an Internet connection and a great desire to learn.

Why learn online?

According to an impact study conducted by 60 Decibels, a global company specialized in impact measurement, more than 80% of Crehana students apply what they learn to their current job, more than 63% of graduates recognize the importance and role of the platform by allowing them to obtain a current job and more than 36% have increased their income level in times of global learning crisis.

In a new world where social distancing is mandatory, educational technology models that offer relevant content and engage students and teachers have never been more relevant. “For us it is extremely important to have alliances that have the same vision as Crehana, by betting and providing an education with quality content, forming a strong community of students who generate their own businesses and continue to strengthen their knowledge during this crisis that hits everyone. the world. We seek to continue transforming the development of Latin America through education "said Diego Olcese, CEO and founder of Crehana.

To date, Crehana has received more than USD $ 6.2 million in investment rounds since its inception and has trained more than 2 million students in more than 25 Spanish-speaking countries, enabling students to receive training with content relevant, according to current market needs to access qualified jobs in different industries, being the most sought after platform in Latin America.

If you are interested in accessing a course, you can do so through this link: h ttp: //creha.co/cursosgratis-colombia
Terms and Conditions here: h ttps: //bit.ly/3gJfbJi
Call closing date: December 31, 2020.

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