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Mobile technology has transformed the world.
How does it impact the lives of people, businesses and society?

Visit ChipSet, a draft Impacto TIC 'powered by' MediaTek, helps you solve these and other questions.

Rappi, a Colombian application that boosts the local and regional economy - Andicom2021

Rappi Colombia is a company that has managed to cross borders with an innovative idea, and that during the pandemic managed to open new channels ...

Colombia does not win so easy legal disputes - Andicom 2021

Although technology is transversal to practically all areas of human development, one of the sectors in which people continue to think ...

Is the new Omicron variant really that dangerous?

The identification of a new variant of Sars-CoV-2 in South Africa, characterized by a large number of mutations (55 in the entire genome, 32 in ...

The important thing about technology is not bits and bytes,
but the way it transforms lives and changes the world.

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