Zoho One's new face goes beyond cosmetic adjustments

With 'help' from the pandemic, telecommuting and hybrid work have gained traction among Colombians. A study carried out by the Universidad del Rosario, together with Cifras and ...

Cliq 3.0 arrives 'recharged' of tools for hybrid work

Zoho, a software development company of Indian origin, recently launched version 3.0 of Cliq, its collaboration platform, which now offers a new set of tools to do it ...

Entrepreneurship, bootstrapping and the case of Zoho

Generally, when we talk about entrepreneurship, one of the most important topics is investment. Starting a company, especially from scratch, requires a certain level of ...

Control the validity of certificates, key to protect the digital presence

In the last 6 months, Internet traffic has doubled as businesses moved online to maintain their operations. Almost all organizations ...

Low-code, the way to create basic applications without having advanced knowledge

As the years go by, and especially in a pandemic conjuncture, perhaps few elements have taken on as much relevance as software development. After...

The best applications for password management

Having a strong password is one of the most important measures to keep the information on your devices safe. Today, mechanisms such as double authentication ((2FA, by ...

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New Zoho Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform

In an age where digitization has been accelerated in many ways and online commerce and data becomes more relevant than ever, it is important that businesses ...

The future of WhatsApp and business messaging platforms

The time is almost up. After months and postponements by Facebook, this May 15 WhatsApp, the most popular messaging platform in the world, will change its privacy policies for ...

From the intranet to the corporate social network

Today, in 2021, in an era marked by social networks and interaction through the Internet, the term intranet may sound like something that was left behind, in that time when Clippy - and not ...

Formulas for managing remote teams: the key is monitoring, not surveillance

If moving the entire operation of a company to a remote environment is a challenge, the adventure does not end there. Inherently come the challenges of how to organize and how to keep track ...

5 HR Strategies for Optimized Remote Work

Although for about a year Colombia and the world have been submerged in an extraordinary situation, the measures to counteract the effects of the disease took many companies and ...

Zoho tool tips: communication with Cliq and Arattai

There is a common point when it comes to inquiring about tools to carry communication within a company, and that is, that the chat application that you usually use, with family members and ...

Investing in development may be better than buying companies or making mergers

As technology providers focus on M&A to build 'Frankenstein' solutions that help them maintain their market presence, the question is whether there are better ways to ...

Trends that will change software development in 2021

We will always remember 2020 for all the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, for the sad loss of human life, for the enormous restrictions on mobility it imposed on the entire planet and ...

Key points of the year for Zoho, one of the great winners of the pandemic

There is no argument in saying that 2020 has been the year of remote work. Companies and organizations of all kinds had to migrate to new work models, which implied a series of ...

ICT events, how much have we learned to do them in virtual settings?

When we launched the 2020 ICT Events calendar (it is being updated) with the idea of ​​highlighting the most relevant appointments of technology, innovation and science in Colombia and the world, we did not foresee -as ...

Goals or desk hours? The new paradigms of productivity

We address different visions of productivity and share guidelines that will be useful for new work environments and to manage work teams

COVID-19: ICT guide to survival in quarantine

We want to show our followers how Technology, Innovation and Science can help to face the quarantine.

Offers from the ICT world to cope with the effects of COVID-19

Discounts, extended trial periods and even free products or services are part of the ICT offers that seek to alleviate the effect of the crisis.

Virtual education: learning after the first week of isolation

Students and teachers told us how they did in the first week of virtual education required by COVID-19.

Teleworking, much more than a 'plan B' in times of the coronavirus

Properly managed, telecommuting can be even better for a company than having employees sit in the office. Colombia has a legal framework in this regard.

Alternatives to get out of Google's 'graveyard of services'

Google and its bad trick of killing products teaches us that you always have to have alternatives, a plan B. This is how we recovered from some of its closings.

#TopDeImpacto: 5 great marketing automation tools

Attracting customers, getting to know them, selling more and optimizing all the resources are some of the reasons for marketing automation tools.

Colombia is the fastest growing Latin American market for Zoho

The Colombian market grows at a rate of 50% per year and is the third most important in the region for Zoho. A balance of Zoholics Colombia 2019.

Zoho announced news in its productivity suite

The new edition of Zoho One includes an app to manage workflows, called Orchestly, as well as new communication and authentication tools, among others.

What tools do companies need to support their strategy?

Tell me who your allies are and I will tell you how productive your company is. Learn about the productivity and collaboration challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Zoho wants to be closer to the Colombian market

Zoho, a company that develops business solutions, has Colombia as an important country for its operation in Latin America.

From Adventnet to Zoho, 23 years of history and counting ...

A journey through the history of Zoho Corp from its beginnings in California as AdventNet to today and its vision of the future.

5 reasons to have Zoho One on your company's radar

Discover the reasons why migrating to Zoho One is an option to consider, if you want your company to take a leap in productivity.

Zoho One: the digital Swiss Army Knife for business

Zoho One is an interesting alternative in the productivity tools market. We tell you what are the applications that make it up.

Zoho One, the choice of Impacto TIC to take a business (and journalistic) leap

We explain the reasons that led us to select Zoho One as the suite of productivity applications that support the growth of Impacto TIC.

Zoho strengthens its offer for solutions and expands its presence in Latin America

Looking for e-commerce and marketing solutions? At its annual conference, Zoho presented 2 new solutions for any company.

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