Next Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 April will take place the most important event in the world of open source, Red Hat Summit 2021, that this year, like last, will be held virtually. Those interested in attending can register in this link, free.

As is customary, the Red Hat Forum will feature special guests who will address different angles of current technology, in a variety of conferences, panels, exhibitions and demonstrations, among other activities.

As for the topics to be addressed, the variety is also wide: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics, Application Development, Containers, Databases, DevOps, Diversity and Inclusion, Edge computing, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Automation, Kubernetes and, of course, everything about Open Source, among many others.

“Open Source software transformed everything, with a collaborative development methodology and without traditional intellectual property schemes. But it did not generate confidence in the business sector. In the early 90s, Red Hat created the ideal bridge between Open Source and business by providing support, development and certification of Open Source software. said Jaime Bejarano, General Manager of Red Hat for Colombia, to highlight how the evolution of Open Source has led it to become one of the key pieces for the development of technology in today's world.

Activities for all profiles and industries

By registering for the event, attendees will have the opportunity to choose the programming that best suits their profile, in industries as diverse as financial services, health, consulting, logistics, transportation, technology and telecommunications.

This year's guests are high-level. Of course, Red Hat executives will be present at the event as Paul Cormier, president and CEO; Matt Hicks, Executive Vice President of Products and Technology; Chris Wright, Senior Vice President and CTO; Burr Sutter, Development Experience Director, and Stefanie Chiras, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Picture of Red Hat Summit.

Among the external participants, figures such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, actor, librettist and film director recognized for his participation in productions such as Inception and Snowden, and co-founder of the platform for artists HitRecord, in which Open Source technologies are used. It will also be at the Red Hat Summit Ben Folds, producer and composer recognized for his mixes of genres and other works that led him to be artistic advisor to the National Symphony Orchestra, in Washington DC

Other special guests will be Mick ebeling (one of Fortune magazine's 50 Greatest Leaders in the World and one of the World's Most Influential Creative People as part of AdAge's Creativity 50; Founder and CEO of Not Impossible, a social innovation laboratory and production company) and Kumail Nanjiani (Oscar-nominated writer, actor, and comedian, who together with his wife, Emily V. Gordon, created the 'Stay with Emily and Kumail' podcast, the proceeds of which are donated to charities that help those affected by Covid-19.

Recommended Red Hat Summit 2021 Sessions

Given the variety of topics that will be covered during the Red Hat Summit 2021, the best way to select the most appropriate conferences for the profile of each attendee is to take a look at the agenda, as there are filters that allow you to choose the activities' to measure'. However, there are lectures and panels that are not to be missed.

  • Digital transformation in these changing times: A selection of what organizations identified as their main impediments to transformation, how they are addressing those challenges, and what they are using now as metrics for transformation success.
  • Culture, processes and open technologies as ingredients of transformation: The main ingredients for effective business transformation. Real-world practices and how Red Hat's open approach can be applied to culture, processes, and technology to gain a competitive advantage and accelerate innovative product development.
  • Organize for innovation: The secret to a successful DevOps transformation, amid today's fast-paced world of change.
  • Female leadership in technology and open source: Red Hat Women's Panel on Leadership and Technology, moderated by Margaret Dawson, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion. Topics such as creating an open and inclusive culture, the importance of sponsorship for members of diverse communities, and advice for male allies, among others, will be discussed.
  • The Red Hat portfolio: A look at the company's products and how open source solutions help transform the way organizations work.
"The Red Hat Summit is the world's largest Open Source event, which reflects that bridge, that meeting point between Red Hat and the developer communities and entrepreneurs, students and other stakeholders", concluded the manager of Red Hat in Colombia. 

Do not forget register on this link to participate in the event.

Main Image: Red Hat Summit.