“All the processes of society, both for people and for governments, are thought in terms of digitization. For the digitization of the country, a process of greater penetration of technologies and connectivity has to come ». That is one of the ideas of Fabián Hernández, CEO of Telefónica Movistar Colombia, to advance the digitization of the country. Andicom 2021 left us great panels, conferences and guests, and 2 of the most important topics that were discussed during the executive conference were the digital divide and connectivity.

It is estimated that in Colombia only 66,5% of the population has access to the Internet and the vast majority of the people who have this service live in capitals and populated centers. Movistar's vision to accelerate the country's connectivity involves the implementation of fiber optics on a large scale from the point of view of speed and territory. Recently, the company announced the launch of a 900 MB speed connection plan and has managed to reach 90 municipalities in the country.

«It is important to do an analysis of the scope of the digital divide in the country. When one looks at the number of households that are affected by the digital divide in urban areas, one finds that there are a greater number of households. There are about 5 million homes that do not have connectivity in urban areas, while that number in rural areas is around 2 or 2,5 million homes. Although the gap in percentage terms is greater in rural areas, it is smaller in number of households »Hernández commented.

When talking about the millions of Colombians who are disconnected, the first thing that comes to mind is the population that lives in rural areas. In part this is true, but it is also true that almost half of the population of large Colombian cities do not have access to the Internet. "In cities where there are higher unemployment rates, there are a greater number of young people who need to be connected to be able to educate themselves and acquire the skills of the 21st century"Hernández stated.

As Colombia connects, the quality of life for all Colombians will improve. The executive, who adheres to the government agenda of SUSTAINABILITY, affirms that regardless of what happened with Populated Centers, the country must advance in the ICT sector.

We recommend you see the full interview that the journalistic director of Impacto TIC, Mauricio Jaramillo, asked Fabián Hernández to find out what Telefónica Movistar is doing to improve connectivity in Colombia and more interesting data about the digital divide in the country.

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