Victor Küppers, lecturer and trainer in Europe and Latin America, spoke about the qualities that a leader must have today. The term 'leader' is often confused with someone who is in charge of a project or someone who makes decisions for the team, but what does it really mean to be a leader? This was the central theme of the Coffee Talks held between AMD and ImpactoTIC.
Kuppers has more than 15 years of experience in consulting and training. Since 2004 he has been developing the küppers & Co. Author of books such as: "The attitude effect" (2006), "Living life with meaning" (2012), "Selling like cracks" (2018) and "Living and working with enthusiasm" (2020) and his conference: 7 differences between a leader and a mushroom.

AMD representatives also participated in this Coffee Talks, such as: Matias Berardi, Regional Sales Leader SMB SSAx, AMD; Juan Moscoso, Regional Sales Leader Datacenter SSA and Monica Houses; Regional Sales Leader Commercial SSA. Who shared the new services and benefits that AMD has for its users. 

Leader or Mushroom?

Everyone assumes that being a good leader is having unique and extraordinary attitudes. Nevertheless, for Victor Küppers the extraordinary is in turning small actions into extraordinary things. Hence the 7 differences between a leader and a mushroom. 


A first key and fundamental element is the attitude of the leader. Currently this seems somewhat complicated considering the situation in the world, but the good mood that a leader has will allow his team to excel and meet the goals. 

It is not about covering up problems or falling on the extreme side of optimism. But if you try to find a balance that allows you to face difficult and external situations in a coherent and intelligent way. 

"What differentiates an extraordinary leader from an ordinary one is the importance of attitude, his way of being. The leader must be an educated, fair, equitable person", Points out Victor Kuppers. That will be reflected in the team and in the environment. 

Not everyone can be a leader

Today's world has sold the idea that everyone has a leader inside. But Küppers is emphatic in recognizing that not all people have the attitude to be leaders, and that the secret to getting ahead is to recognize that it is okay, that not everyone can be a leader. 

Being in the background is not bad, there are those who can perform better from a less visible role. Ultimately, the leader is not measured by his knowledge or professional experience but by his attitude and his way of being, so there may be people who have titles and recognition but fail to connect with others. 

Attitude and commitment cannot be required

Although the attitude is for Victor Küppers a fundamental factor for a leader, it is important that you keep in mind that attitude and commitment cannot be required. This is something that must be earned and passed on. 

A leader can ask his team for results, goals, punctuality. But attitude is something that is built between everyone and that must be transmitted to the team at every moment and action.  

Each person in a team is a different project 

To achieve a better team attitude, the leader must be clear that each person is a different project. That each one has a way of being and some skills that make them unique. 

In that aspect Victor Kuppers points out that in leadership you have to put affinity aside. The people who lead must help, motivate and guide their team. It's not about whether he likes her or not. It must be clear that each person is a different project. 

People must be motivated 

Motivation is essential for both the leader and his team. A leader must learn to recognize the work of its members, highlight their skills and advances, not only focus on general goals but also personal ones. 

In addition to being empathic with each one, knowing the processes that each member has had within a company. 

The leader cannot lose heart

“To have courage you have to be grateful and appreciate the things we have. We always have to ask ourselves: what is fantastic in my life?”, points out Victor Küppers, who believes that the leader should not lose heart at any time.

Companies and the world are currently experiencing great changes and uncertainty, but for Küppers it is important that the leader does not lose heart in the face of circumstances. For him, this is achieved by appreciating the small details, being grateful for what you have and not focusing on what you cannot achieve. 

Being a leader is being a good person 

"Your main heritage as a person is your human quality", Victor Küppers talks about the importance of a leader being a good person. This is the essence of a leader, what makes him different and what allows him to get closer to others. 

A bad person cannot be a leader, however, their actions should not only be reflected in their work but in their entire environment. In the treatment he gives to others and in how he behaves with others.

“In the end, the most important thing is to have a clear conscience”, concludes Victor Küppers.