Video games for mobile devices are no longer simple activities to pass the time while waiting to enter a medical appointment and have become real adventures with realistic images and attractive scripts that make the hours go by without realizing it. In December 2019 a report was published According to which, by the end of 2020, this industry will move more than 76.000 million dollars in the world, which represents an increase of 12% over the previous year.

The current pandemic situation could affect these figures, because although the demand for games may increase as a resource to withstand the days of quarantine, the production lines of equipment and components have reduced their work rate, which would eventually reduce the size of the market. However, recently Black Shark (a company backed by Xiaomi, third manufacturer in the Colombian market) and Nubia (a brand little known in the country) they announced new models, which indicates that, at least in their case, they try to maintain the market plans.

Either way, the market for smartphones non-specialized for games also offers equipment with characteristics that satisfy the tastes and requirements of the demanding public of the players, so that this segment will have a wide margin of maneuver. So if you want to survive the quarantine by playing, just try not to get to addictive levels. The market will be responsible for providing you with sufficient titles and equipment.

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