How does a smart building work?

With each passing day and year, buildings become more and more fundamental parts of our lives. After all, buildings can house facilities like hospitals, workplaces, and many homes and apartments as well. Although the need for smart territories is often mentioned a lot, the truth is that buildings are a fundamental part of this leap towards digitization.

For this reason, and to better understand how a smart building works, we visited Schneider Electric's offices in Bogotá, Colombia. By the way, Lisseth Vera - Digital Manager of the energy division and leader of EcoStruxure for the region - has explained much better the fundamental components of a smart building.

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In the context of cities and territories of the future, buildings are a fundamental part. Beyond their high standards, they will also be more planet-friendly spaces, thus ensuring a future for future generations that is connected and efficient.


Sebastian Romero Torres
Sebastian Romero Torres
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