In the midst of a globalized economy, there is an urgent need to find financial mechanisms to respond to the needs of transferring funds between countries.

It is in this economic context, with people and companies carrying out thousands of financial transactions, that in Chile it arose global66 a Fintech that prides itself on being global, that uses innovative technological tools and that complies with the financial regulations of each country where it operates.

“Global 66 was born with the aim of positively impacting people's lives. We realized that in Latin America the majority of people do not have access to financial services because it is an unbanked population. For these people we bring financial services with the use of technology, with fair and transparent costs”said in an interview with Impacto TIC Thomas Bercovich, founder and CEO of Global66.

Bercovich noted that his company offers a global account for businesses and individuals. In addition, he offers new services such as a Master Card that does not charge commissions and a new tool that allows companies and individuals to make international transactions through a simple link.

This tool works through a unique link that is linked to the global account of each user, regardless of whether it is a personal or company account.

Tomás Bercovich, who is attending a new edition of Startco 2023 as a speaker, also highlighted that One of the great advantages of Global 66 is that, unlike many companies that offer the same service, its Fintech is regulated in Colombia by the corresponding financial entities.

Below is the interview with Tomás Bercovich, founder and CEO of Global66:  

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