ICT events

Impacto TIC is the official medium of the great ICT Events in Colombia


Impacto TIC Its mission is to contribute to the Digital Transformation of Colombia with journalistic content and communication and marketing services to the Technology, Innovation and Science sectors. And one of the key tactics is the coverage of the most relevant ICT Events in the country, as an allied media or official media.

ICT Specials and Events

Current and relevant ICT topics are developed in an event and are the center of the coverage of Impacto TIC for 3 weeks.

Topics in depth

With intensity, we develop a theme for 3 weeks of the month, so that many get hooked on it.

Topics that hit the public agenda

Each of the #EspecialesTIC has a multi-format journalistic microsite in which the sponsors are the source and protagonists of some content.


Multiformat journalistic microsites, published in Impacto TIC, in which the exclusive sponsor is a key source and protagonist of some content, for periods of 6 months or 1 year.

Contents 'evergreen'

They are highly topical topics, but they do not lose validity, thanks to the depth and treatment in the content.

Opportunity: Content Marketing

These specials are a content marketing option: a perfect complement to the communication strategies of companies, governments and organizations.



How to take care of physical health with the help of wearable technology?

Health has acquired absolute relevance in recent months, especially in times of pandemic, and best of all, every ...

Innovation and technology in the fight against cancer in Colombia

Specialist doctors from the National Cancer Institute (INC) explained from their respective work areas how the Center for Prevention and Early Diagnosis of ...

If you're working at home, don't open the door for cybercriminals

"What we have to understand is that cybercrime is constant and it is something that we will not stop seeing, we are during ...

Fourth Industrial Revolution, the way to get the world out of the crisis?

In 2018, the World Economic Forum published a report entitled The Future of Jobs, in which it was estimated that by 2022 ...

The reason is not the one with the highest position and other maxims of the 'open source'

When we asked Jaime Bejarano, the leader for Colombia of Red Hat, to tell us the first thing that came to ...

Smart cities, what are their limits? A new chapter of the #ContraTIC podcast

Throughout the special Reimagining Smart Cities and Territories we met various proposals, definitions, opinions, approaches and definitions about what a Smart City ...

Colombian medical contributions to the world

The race for the COVID-19 vaccine has millions of people in the world on edge, it is perhaps one of the developments ...

Hand in hand with #SoyDigital, Colombia has more responsible Internet users

Worldwide Internet users grow day by day and Colombia is not far behind. However, the rise of connected...

Diversity, fundamental on the way to turn Colombia into a Silicon Valley

Just over 30 years ago, Colombia was already making a determined move towards digitization. The rapid movement of the ...