Literature together with cinema are the best elements that human beings have to create imaginary worlds, in which the past, present and future can be reflected. Regardless of the time, books manage to transcend and explain the world in different ways, be it through real, fanciful, mythological, scientific, fictional, etc..

This is a genre in recent years that has gained strength due to its futuristic vision of things that have even become a reality. So much so that in the 60s, 70s and 80s the authors came to imagine technological, robotic and spatial worlds that are reflected in our present. It is a genre that began in literature, but little by little gained strength in the cinema and in video games.

In this third episode of ContraTIC from the third season, we talk to Rodrigo Bastidas, professor at the Universidad de los Andes, PhD in literature, science fiction expert, writer and editor of the Vestigio publishing house. He is also the author of 'The Third World After the Sun', a Latin American science fiction anthology, and his recent release Cuerpos Luminares y otros dimensions. Rodrigo makes a summary of what the genre is, how it emerged and how it has gained strength in Latin America and Colombia.