Why is the future of many children and young people in these careers? Are they the professions of the future?

A study by Page Group estimates that 3.5 million professionals specialized in STEM will be in demand in LATAM by 2025.

In 2022, the most demanded profiles in technology are business intelligence, cybersecurity, Big Data and developers. In the top 5 of the countries with the most IT professionals in Latin America are: Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Bogotá, Santiago and Sao Paulo.

In this episode of ContraTIC we talk to 2 experts about the importance of STEM careers. Jorge Ramirez, in charge of the government and education business at Lenovo and Margarita Rueda, Associate Dean of the School of Exact Sciences and Engineering at Sergio Arboleda University.

Despite being classified as the careers of the future, according to the Colombian Ministry of Education, this is a minority option for young people when choosing what to study. The will of the academy, the State and the private company could help make Colombia a power in this sector.