#TICCaricature at ANDICOM 2022: The troll is not lacking…

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ANDICOM MICROSITE BUTTON 2022Our cartoonist Nadim is not in Cartagena, but he has closely followed the incidents of ANDICOM 2022 with the coverage of Impacto TIC and what has been shared on social networks. What caught his attention we did not expect... but it gives food for thought that 'the troll is never missing', who is not always evil but ignorant of how the proper use of the Internet could enhance his life.

This topic is aligned with something that we talked about with many of the interviewees in our 'media center': Colombia needs a boost in digital literacy, Digital Citizenship and appropriation.

Impacto TIC has managed to train more than 40.000 Colombians in Digital Citizenship with the global program I'm digital, in alliance with Meta (formerly Facebook), and other organizations have their initiatives in this field, but there is still much to be done.

(By the way: organizations that want to join Soy Digital to train and certify more Colombians in their communities, areas of influence or their own human talent can communicate with Impacto TIC to coordinate exclusive sessions).


Nadim Amin
Nadim Amin
Author of the TICcaricature, your space for opinion and analysis. Nadim is a publicist from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá, and the first to know him were the children, to whom he has focused a good part of his work. As an illustrator and publicist, he has worked with important magazines, publishers, and advertising agencies, and lately he has devoted himself to opinion caricature from the pages of the newspaper El Heraldo, the specialized magazine P&M, the magazine E-Learn, and the newspaper Nuestra Voz, Nueva York.



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