Zoho Corporation will take place in Bogota Zoholics Colombia 2022, a major event on new business trends and technologies, aimed at organizations that are already users of the company's products, as well as people who are interested in using collaborative platforms, process automation, Artificial Intelligence and remote work.

En Zoholics Colombia 2022, which will take place on November 23 and 24 at the Sheraton Hotel in Bogotá, attendees will have access to conferences and networking spaces to learn about the main news and global trends in business technology.

Among the topics that will be addressed by experts in this edition of Zoholics Colombia, the following stand out: Artificial Intelligence, sales and customer management, omnichannel marketing, collaboration and remote work in local companies of all sizes and sectors.

Within the conferences of the first day, on Wednesday, November 23, the following stand out: How to maintain communication in a hybrid world?, Guidelines for choosing the right platform for your company, Collaboration in the digital age: the key to increasing productivity, 6 reasons to use a human resources platform in the cloud and Importance of having a project management solution.

For the second day, Thursday, November 24, conferences are scheduled such as: How to optimize our marketing efforts with a digital ecosystem? A look at the future: Where are our applications going? y Transform your website into a powerful marketing tool.

It should be noted that among the speakers are executives from Zoho Corporation who will report on the best way to use the platform's tools for the best and most optimal performance of business organizations.

Some of them are: Fernando Sotelo, director of customer and partner success; Jorge Tomas Sanchez, Zoho Marketing Content Manager; Y Maximiano Francisco Ruíz Páez, Senior Jumpstart Zoho Solutions Architect.

Similarly, there will be spaces designed for networking with colleagues, business partners and experts. Through workshops and individual sessions, those interested will be able to learn experiences in the use of new technologies, listen to success stories and participate in discussion panels, in which they will be able to design personalized strategies for their business.

The event will also be attended by dozens of Zoho Corporation engineers and specialists, who will provide one-on-one help using the organization's platforms and solutions, as well as technical support, marketing, sales, and technology, to attendees.

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