With the objective of present new trends and technologies for business organizations and people interested in collaborative platforms, process automation, Artificial Intelligence and remote work, this November 23 and 24 a new edition was held in Bogotá Zoholics Colombia 2022.

“We are very happy to be in Bogotá for a new edition of this event that brings us closer to our clients and allies. Zoho has developed a whole series of technological tools to meet the needs of business organizations, not only with external customers, but also within the company.Said Raju Vegesna, Chief Global Evangelist at Zoho Corporation. 

Vegesna highlighted how Zoho, a global technology company of Indian origin, offers business organizations a set of tools to optimize their internal operations in addition to offering better services to their customers.  

“For the growth of any business organization, it is essential to have the appropriate technological tools. On its own platform, Zoho has developed hundreds of applications that, in addition to being integrated to optimize processes, satisfy all the needs of our clients and company employees”, highlighted Vegesna during the installation of Zoholics Colombia 2022.

Advantages of technological integration

Raju Vegesna assured that One of the main advantages that your company offers to companies and people who use your platform is the integration of all applications and technological tools, which means great savings in economic and development terms.  

“All of our applications are under one roof, built on a proprietary platform, which means companies don't have to invest huge amounts of money and development time and integration work. Many times the integration process is more expensive than the software itself, so our platform has that great advantage”.

According to Vegesna, features such as application diversity and integration are some of the main benefits that Zoho customers and partners can take advantage of.

"In addition to the fact that our applications are integrated in a logical and coherent way to meet the needs of our clients and their employees, we also offer a diversity of products, with code, without code, open source etc"Vegesna said, noting that the company continues to invest in development to offer new solutions to business problems.

Business model: Technology, not sales

During the installation of Zoholics Colombia 2022, Raju Vegesna highlighted that Zoho Corporation is a company with 26 years of history, with a presence in 80 countries and close to 20 thousand employees that is private, without investors, which assures him total independence to determine his purpose and philosophical principles.

“Our business model is designed to be truly parthners of our clients and allies, offering them products that add value and that go beyond simple economic interest. Our company is dedicated to technology and not to sales”.

“For Zoho, not having investors and remaining a private company is fundamental when it comes to establishing our purpose, which is none other than offering added value to companies without being subject to the interests of investors. We put the customer above profits”Vegesna added.

In this sense, Zoho's chief global evangelist recalled that during the pandemic his company reduced charges for its clients who were experiencing economic difficulties, and that they currently offer state-of-the-art technological tools at a very low cost compared to other solutions on the market. .  

developing new products

Fernando Sotelo, LATAM director of customer success and strategic alliances at Zoho Corporation, presented at Zoholics Colombia 2022 several of the applications that the company is working on to offer new options for its customers.

According to Sotelo, during and after the pandemic, the development of new applications accelerated, because business organizations were forced to automate and optimize many of their processes with technological tools.

“Between 2020 and 2021 we have developed the largest number of applications and only in the last year we have developed 50 applications so that our clients obtain more benefits with less effort. We offer solutions to our clients' problems.” Sotelo emphasized.

Fernando Sotelo explained the advantages of some of the applications that Zoho Corporation develops to meet the needs of business organizations:

  • Zoho MarketingPlus: Integrates new tools for the optimization of all business processes related to marketing.
  • Convas: Application that has been updated to offer new alternatives in everything that has to do with CMR for business organizations, taking into account their particular needs.
  • Business Messaging: It integrates the instant messaging of business organizations. In this sense, the new alliance of Zoho Corporation with WhatsApp stands out to optimize internal and external communication processes.
  • Zoho Voice: Tool developed to optimize traditional communications via telephone.

Among the topics that were addressed by experts in this edition of Zoholics Colombia 2022, the following stood out: Artificial Intelligence, sales and customer management, omnichannel marketing, and collaboration and remote work in companies.

Similarly, there were spaces designed for networking with colleagues, business partners and experts. Through workshops and individual sessions, those interested were able to learn about experiences in the use of new technologies, listen to success stories, and participate in discussion panels, in which they designed personalized strategies for their business.

Main photo: Taken from Twitter