Zoho Corporation, a global technology company, recently presented news aimed at improving its collaborative platform Zoho Workplace, whose objective is to substantially improve the efficiency and processes of business organizations.

Thus, Zoho Workplace, the unified office platform that combines collaboration, productivity and communications tools, Now add new applications such as Trident, Webinar within Zoho Meetings and telephone systems within Zoho Cliq and Zoho Meetings.

It should be noted that Zoho Workplace is a very complete and flexible platform for business email and office applications in the cloud, which is based on a common data model and is unified through search tools and Artificial Intelligence, which allows users to operate collaboratively and fluidly through the different applications.

In an interview with Impacto TIC Carla Garcia, Zoho's Director of Sales and New Business for Latin America, highlighted the importance of the new platforms that complement the features of Zoho Workplace.

“Today, many organizations face the challenge of creating complex structures, when adopting different productivity and communications applications. In these cases, they end up going to different suppliers, with technologies that have not been designed to work together, and end up with systems that are difficult to manage, very expensive to maintain and that require reprocessing, since they do not share their resources”, ensures

"With Zoho Workplace we seek to eliminate this inconvenience, with a platform that unifies the productivity and communications applications that companies require to ensure a simpler interaction. between the internal work force with clients, allies and suppliers”.

“Thanks to the new applications, Workplace now combines video, audio, chat and collaboration, in a solution that helps organizations carry out their work more efficiently and effectively, regardless of their size or business sector,”

Carla Garcia

Zoho Workplace has grown 30% in the last few years and already has more than 16 million users worldwide.  The novelties of this platform are: 

Zoho Trident: The new Trident platform was developed for the unified establishment of communications. This is a native app for MacOS and Windows that combines mail, messages, audio and video calls, calendar and tasks, among other functions and tools. It is the first native Zoho desktop application for email and chat.

Among its functions is Smart Mail, which is responsible for transforming email notifications into live versions of its apps within the mailbox itself. Trident is currently in the testing phase.

“Business users seek to simplify their technological processes, from the acquisition of tools to the way they use and interact with them on a daily basis. In this case, companies want to have the right tools, in one place, without going to different providers and without having to pay for complex integrations to use them ”, says Carla Garcia.

“In this case, they have a centralized console to access the resources they require or, where appropriate, they can interact directly from themselves. For example, it provides the possibility to start a video conference directly with all the recipients of an email”, adds.

Zoho Voice: This is a phone system integrated directly into the Zoho Cliq team collaboration app, and the Zoho Meeting video conferencing app. Zoho Voice allows employees to make direct online calls and send SMS messages, as well as answer incoming calls from within the applications.

Zoho Webinar:  Located within the Zoho Meeting app, this platform allows companies to broadcast to thousands of attendees and engage with them through polls, and Q&A.

In this case, you present via virtual file sharing, without the presenter sharing their screen (to save bandwidth consumption). Also upload session material before the webinar for easy sharing with attendees. Zoho Webinar also allows you to broadcast training sessions, manage registrations to attend it, broadcast or stream Youtube.

BluePencil: It is a grammar tool based on Artificial Intelligence. This tool provides writing suggestions, as well as a text editor that can be used on virtually any website and on social networks.

This is the evolution of Zoho Writer's intelligent assistant, Zia. In addition, different capabilities for managing mobile devices and emails restricted by OTP (One Time Password) have been added to the business suite.

TrueSync:  Added to Zoho Workdrive so hard drive storage limits are no longer a concern. TrueSync mirrors all your WorkDrive files and folders to your desktop so you can seamlessly switch between the cloud and your computer. You can access files locally and make changes without using hard drive space.

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