To start off on the right foot the second season of Contra TIC –the technology, innovation and science podcast for the youngest of Impacto TIC- we explore the 'B-side', other faces, other voices of our ecosystem of women in technology, innovation and science. So we started looking for women we hadn't talked to before.

We seek them out to discuss issues related to entrepreneurship, financial empowerment, creativity, video games, science, parity, collaboration and challenges, and to analyze with them the gaps that are deepening in some fields.

In that mission we meet Karolina Ladino, engineer and maker of Automation and Robotics and leader of PyLadies Colombia; Sandra Rubio, CEO of Imix, a Colombian fintech dedicated to the creation and development of digital ecosystems based on inclusion, education and financial empowerment; Sandra Castro, CEO of So Big and Playing and ambassador of Women In Games for Colombia, who also leads Colombia Women in Games; Y Tania valbuena, editor of N + 1, digital science magazine.

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cepal) revealed that the crisis generated by the pandemic negatively impacted the occupation and working conditions of women in the region. According to this entity, the labor participation rate of women stood at 46% in 2020, while that of men reached 69% (in 2019 they reached 52% and 73,6%, respectively). In the case of Colombia, according to Dane data, in 2020 the unemployment rate was highest since 2001 in the country. In the case of women, unemployment reached 26,2%. The gender gap rose to 10 percentage points.

With this scenario in mind, We start the second season of Contra TIC. Listen to the first episode here:

Cover photo:  Christina @ (In: Unsplash)