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Impacto TIC is a journalistic company
specialized in spreading the impact of Technology, Innovation and Science
in people's lives, the evolution of companies and organizations, the social development of communities,
the sustainability of the planet and the democratization of government services.
We are moved to contribute to the Digital Transformation of Colombia and Latin America!

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Who we are the team of Impacto TIC we are journalists and professionals convinced that we have a mission: from journalism, help business, academic and public sector leaders, as well as citizens in general, understand this world, to know the trends, to make the right decisions from their fields of action, and to make their progress, achievements and challenges visible.

Mauricio Jaramillo Marin

Co-founder and journalistic director

Sandra Defelipe

Journalist and producer

Clara Lemos

Commercial director

Fernando Muñoz

Co-founder and project manager

Paola Alexandra Zapata

Editorial consultant

Cristhian Caviedes

Multimedia editor

Emilia Ramirez

Allied / Digital Consultant

Luisa Fernanda Cobos

Digital strategist

Sebastian Romero Torres


Nadim Amin


Carolina Leon

Allied / Strategic Consultant

Jaime Dueñas

Newspaper editor

Linda patientño

Senior analyst

Claudia Marcela Gomez

Administrative leader

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