What is success from the point of view of the Tiger method?

It is likely that at some point in your life you have wondered what success is and what it is to be successful; and even if you haven't, maybe at some point you will. From Tiger academy, the school of productivity and personal development of Amikam Yalovetzky, promotes the creation of smart goals and the execution of specific tasks (MIT) to meet objectives that in one way or another make it successful. But what are MITs and what is success?

For Amikam, an expert in personal development, success is an effort to spend time overcoming obstacles. For him, success can also be defined as the tranquility acquired by the satisfaction generated by knowing that the best effort of which one is capable has been made. In simpler words, being successful is feeling satisfied for having put 100% of your effort into a goal, whether or not the results were as expected. 

“Giving your all for something you are passionate about or believe in is not far from the winning side. If the final result was not achieved 100%, but inside you know that you did your best, then that can be called success."says Amikam. 

Of course, the vision of what success is is very relative to what each person believes to be successful. For some it's about the amount of money in their bank account, while for others it's about the car they drive, their education or their reputation. It is important to understand that everyone defines their vision of success, although Amikam recommends focusing on what you are truly passionate about and It motivates you to try harder and harder. 

The road to success: How to measure it?

As already mentioned, success is relative to what a person thinks it is, so everyone can measure it in their own way. In the case of the Tiger Academy method, it is recommended to start by knowing how to measure success and what are the aspects to take into account. 

For a moment think about this situation: If your goal was to increase your company's monthly sales by 10% and the increase was only 8%, is it a success or a failure? 

Although success is relative, the important thing in this situation is to ask yourself if you put all your effort into achieving that goal and did not achieve it, or if, on the contrary, you could have done more than you did. An 8% increase in monthly sales is always going to be better than 5%, but it's clearly not the expected 10%, so here the question is whether he could have done much more and whether, despite not having achieved the goal, he feels satisfied with his effort. 

The road to success, according to Amikam Yalovetzky. Image: Tiger Academy

Passion, work and persistence

Most people start their path to success with passion. It's about that feeling that motivates us to start doing something and put all our effort into it. Thanks to passion, we begin to invest time and effort in an activity or in a goal to make it a reality. The road to success begins with passion, goes through work and culminates in persistence. 

By getting involved in what generates passion, new ideas arrive that help you improve on the path to success. The idea is that success is not only for oneself, but also to serve others. 

Many will say that to achieve success you need luck. Amikam brings to the case an old Greek saying that says that Luck is being ready when the opportunity presents itself. How many times have you missed opportunities because you weren't ready? Always be prepared to take opportunities when they present themselves. 

What happens when success starts to be overwhelming?

“Many times when we achieve success, dispersions come and we begin to see things in a different way. It is as if we were given a hammer blow", comments amikam yalovetzky. Some successful people, such as celebrities, get to have millions of followers, views and earn a lot of money but, at the same time, they feel unsuccessful and frustrated. They supposedly have it all, but in many cases they fall into depression and fall into bad ways. 

Why does it happen? Amikam assures that something happens when we are successful and that is that we let ourselves be carried away by that hammer, which can be any other type of dispersion. For Amikam, coping with success starts with understanding the difference between reputation and character. 

Reputation cannot be controlled, although we can try to create a good reputation. You can't please everyone either, but you can control your character and establish who you are. Reputation is what is perceived on the outside about who I am, that is, what people think of me and character is what I really am. 

Amikam insists that the road to success is not straight, but an endless spiral that climbs little by little. 

Main Image: krakenimages (Unsplash)