#TopDeImpacto: the importance of making the bed and other productivity habits

There are habits that, although it may not seem like it, can have a significant impact on your daily productivity. It may seem that simple things like making the bed don't have a real effect on productivity, but the truth is that they do. For these little things to benefit your daily productivity it is important that they become a habit and for this you have to understand what that is. According to the psychology portal Psychoadapt, a habit is a learned behavior, not innate, that is achieved through repetition, and that is done regularly and without much thought about it.

A habit is an almost automatic behavior that requires discipline if it is to be almost automatic. In that sense, there are some learned behaviors that can help you improve your productivity and achieve those great goals that you have set for yourself. These are 5 habits that don't seem to affect your productivity much, but they do.

Up early

For many people, especially night owls, getting up early can be a very difficult habit to create. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are multiple benefits for people who have managed to implement this habit, especially in terms of productivity. In accordance with Lifehacker, if you can identify the most difficult task of the day and dedicate yourself to it in the morning, it is more likely to be accomplished. Laura Vanderkam, author of the book 'What the most successful people do before breaksfast', found that the most successful people have well-defined morning routines.

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The benefits of getting up early include better use of time, greater happiness, and even better sleep. Still, one of the most important benefits of this habit is goal setting. According Cristoph randler, biologist and professor at the University of Tübingen in Germany, early risers are better at setting long-term goals. The academic conducted a survey of 367 students and found that early risers spent more time defining long-term goals for themselves than those who woke up later.

To make the bed

It is common in the army that the military is required to make the bed perfectly in such a way that if a coin is thrown on it, it will bounce. This habit may seem insignificant for productivity and in the case of the military it may pass as a simple requirement to maintain the order of the accommodation. The truth is Many productivity experts highlight the importance of making your bed as a habit that can help you achieve big goals. As United States Navy Admiral William McCraven told his students: "If you want to change the world, start by making your bed".

Photo by Somnox Sleep on Unsplash
Image by Somnox Sleep en Unsplash

Making the bed and doing it right is the first achievement of the day. This simple action gives a feeling of having accomplished the first task of the day and provides extra motivation to do the other tasks. Amikam Yalovetzky, founder of the school of productivity and personal development Tiger Academy, rescues that if you cannot do the simple things well, such as making the bed, it will be very difficult to fulfill the most complicated tasks.

For his part, the American journalist Charles Duhigg rescues in his book 'The Power of Habits' that various studies show that people who make their beds in the morning are more productive, happier, and better able to stick to a budget. According to EntrepreneurMaking bed in the morning increases the chances of making better decisions during the rest of the day and increases the feeling of control. And do you make the bed every day?

Eat well

They say that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, as it provides necessary energy for the entire morning. Not only breakfast is important, but all meals, and it is even more important that those meals are healthy. An investigation Conducted by Brigham Young University, Health Enhancement Research Organization and the Center for Health Research analyzed the behavior of more than 20.000 employees from 3 different companies in the United States. Those employees who followed unhealthy diets were found to be 66% more likely to be unproductive.

Although it may not seem like it, what you eat can influence your productivity, since a healthy diet reduces the probability of getting sick from simple things like the flu to more complex things like obesity, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. If you are looking to fulfill your priority tasks, it is important that your health allows you to work on what is important, even a flu can leave you out of the game for a few days. According to this study, those workers with a history of illnesses such as those already mentioned tend to be absent more frequently and perform less well.

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The key to this habit is to have a diet that is not based on 3 meals, but on 5. Some experts recommend that the diet should contain enough calories to compensate for the expense of activity, and it is even more important to consume enough calories if you do activities with high energy expenditure. However, the needs for calories, vitamins, minerals and fiber are different depending on the type of job and the person. It is advisable to consult a doctor about your particular case.

Keep your workspace tidy

Working from home has become very common in times of pandemic, although in many companies it is already returning to the presence with hybrid or totally face-to-face work models. Be it from home or in the office, the habit of keeping your workspace clean is very important to increase efficiency in carrying out your tasks. It is important to efficiently perform those priority tasks, since they lead to bigger goals and with it to productivity..

For Amikam Yalovetzky, being productive is going to sleep and knowing that you have accomplished those priority tasks. Productivity is about doing something that is related to something bigger, and keeping your workspace uncluttered can help you be more efficient with priority tasks. Keep in mind that productivity is the sum of energy over time, and none of these are unlimited. Think of all the energy and time you can save by keeping your workspace tidy.

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Keep in mind that the workspace also addresses virtual space, be it your computer, cell phone, or both. Just as the physical space must be ordered and distractions eliminated, the virtual space must also be ordered. Take a few minutes to organize your desktop and folders on your computer, it will make your life much easier.

Listen to music

This is a clear example of those things that do not seem to influence productivity, but they do. In accordance with A study from the University of Winsdor, in Canada, Listening to music at work has a positive impact on the performance of workers and the quality of their work. This study was conducted in 2005 and analyzed 41 men and 15 women who worked as developers of software.

The results indicated that worker performance and the quality of their work were lower without music, while time spent on a task was perceived to be longer when music was removed. Narrative responses revealed that listening to music generates a positive mood change and improved perception while working.

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This research isn't the only one showing the benefits of listening to music while working. The 2012 Source Vision Critical survey by UK companies found that music can motivate workers, boost morale and create a better work environment. In fact, 65% of the companies surveyed indicated that music in the workplace increases productivity. In a similar survey, but conducted of workers, it was found that 58% claimed to check spelling and enter data faster when listening to pop music. The question with this is what kind of music should you listen to and at what times to do it?

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