Technology as a support for culture in business cybersecurity strategies [Hangout]

There is no security solution worthwhile if the people involved do not have a proper security culture. It is repeated a thousand times that the most delicate factor is precisely the human factor. It does not matter how robust the walls are if the doors are opened internally, and the first step is to strengthen the safety culture within each organization.

According to recent data from Kaspersky, password thieves are becoming a growing threat to small businesses in 2020. They arrive at their mission through attacks from Phishing, through false messages from Human Resources –in which alleged dismissals or delivery notifications are reported–; employees fall for the traps and become attractive targets for cybercriminals.

This is just one of hundreds of examples that could be listed. “The human element is one of the most critical factors in an information security program. However, it is often the most neglected", Patricia Gaviria told us, director of education at Etek International, long before the pandemic loomed on the scene. In 2020, with the world turning to digital environments, security threats grow even more. Technology advances, and if everyone 'reinvents' themselves, cybercriminals are not far behind. Only in Colombia, between January and February 2020, more than 2.500 million pesos were paid for Ransomware attacks, information hijacking.

The balance to strengthen the cybersecurity of any company is between culture and technology allies. For this reason, in this hangout we talk especially about the first part, without leaving aside some recommendations for technologies that are added to shield and protect. For this appointment we have the participation of:Milton quiroga, general manager of the firm Cyte; Liliana toro, systems engineer, specialist in Risk Management with multiple certifications; Diego Samuel Espitia, ambassador and researcher in cybersecurity at ElevenPaths, Telefónica's cybersecurity unit; Ivonne pedraza, electronic engineer specialized in Management and Information Technology, business developer at Movistar, volunteer at WOMCY Latam Women in Cybersecurity and winner of the 'Top Women in Cybersecurity Latin America 2020 award; David Pereira, CEO of SecPro Security Professionals; and Omar franco: Cybersecurity manager at Axity.

The user is the first cyber defense