Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence ... while some companies advance in taking advantage of these technological tools, others understand step by step that these are not just fashionable terms and some more are just beginning to realize the importance of these concepts in their developing; meanwhile, the supplier market is tirelessly evolving to offer its best products and services to its customers.

But a fundamental part of this evolution is precisely to understand that the market is no longer based solely on a model of suppliers and clients, but rather that they are all part of a productive ecosystem. This is one of the keys to the success of the companies that Christian Klug identifies, CEO of Procalidad, a Colombian company specialized in the world of Big Data and Advanced Analytics that has been in operation for 32 years.

Previously - the executive points out - companies focused more as providers of technology, systems, hardware ... For their part, customers had developed their technology areas. And the technology was not economical, so it was necessary to define very well what the resources were used for. Furthermore, the decisions were very departmental.

What can be evidenced now is that technology has been democratized, today everyone has access to it; In companies, it is beginning to be noticed that the change in culture occurs throughout the organization, so that the context ceases to be of an area and returns to the company. In this context, Klug emphasizes that technology is only one of the elements, but there is a lot of support for issues related to culture and change within organizations.

To the CEO of Procalidad, there is no doubt that data will continue to be important in the future, but like everything else, it will continue to evolve: “Beyond talking about Analytics or Big Data structures or not Big Data, the most important thing is to be able to develop the data architecture approach very well; it is to begin to understand what I have today, what I am going to need to add tomorrow in data and how I am going to take advantage of that ecosystem […] to be able to generate new models and differentiate myself from a competitor or generate some type of innovation ».

The executive refers to technologies that are beginning to sound a lot, such as the Internet of Things, sensors, predictive modeling, and the fact of understanding that the future will be very important the interaction that people have with machines.

Impacto TIC spoke with Christian Klug about the work of Procalidad, but also about other issues of technology and culture, such as the need to take advantage of the learning derived from the pandemic and the way in which Colombia should take advantage of its talent to continue developing its potential as an IT leader in America Latin. We invite you to watch the full interview:

Main Image: Campaign Creators (Unplash).