Female leadership will never be a topic about which everything is said and for this reason it is that more and more spaces are being found to dialogue about it. During the Red Hat Forum Latin America there were not one, but two panels to share, reflect, share, make visible, but especially, to give some guidelines for those who seek lights on this path.

As they well mentioned during the talks, the leadership that is needed today is not abstract, it is quite concrete and applies to all people.

What is the leadership sought today ?: A non-egocentric one

2020 will be a year that will generate countless studies, because everything changed in some way. Leadership was no exception: how to lead in a global scenario of uncertainty? The challenge, as shared by María Laura García, member of the Board and vice president of the executive committee, Voces Vitales Argentina, has been in a process of self-knowledge in the midst of this uncertainty.

“We believe that to be able to reach an egalitarian society requires a cultural transformation and that is why we work through leaders. We work with people who impact their community », explained García, and they do this through 3 axes:

  • The leadership of the person, why "You cannot be the leader of another if I cannot lead myself«. And he once again emphasized self-knowledge, hand in hand with communication (towards themselves and towards others).
  • Affordable, to be leaders (or leaders), to be able to advance «women have to work on economic independence«. Not in vain one of the main forms of gender violence is given through the economic factor.
  • Network construction, "we don't believe in egocentric leadership«. What they promote are leaders who seek to impact their environment, solving problems that they know, that are in their community and for this, «Everything that is to build in a network is fundamental».

The transformation is done by understanding the other, not expelling the other

In that sense, leadership must be diverse. Visibility is necessary; This does not mean that framing themes within the genre means that you have to split blankets. Throughout the talks, the guests reiterated that if we talk about a cultural transformation, all parties are required: «We women are not going to do it alone. No matter how creative we are, if we do not involve others in this construction, it will not really be a cultural transformation, it will just be a change from a place ».

For the above, it is necessary to speak of diversity, which is not limited to gender. It is talking about diverse people, as broad as possible. In technological environments there are other discussions, such as that technology is created by white people, or people from certain countries with certain contexts. Diverse perspectives are necessary, just as networking articulates the transformations and all of the above has to do with collaboration.

And regarding collaboration, Lorena Martín, who leads the Diversity and Inclusion activities for Red Hat in Latin America, shared that one way to promote it is by supporting communities; that today, more than ever, is the time to reinvent business, rethink the ways we are doing things and reactivate. "Innovation without diversity is not sustainable".

Talent has no gender

To empower and eventually lead, you have to start from the essentials, from the boys and girls. The participants agreed that there were no references at the time, that there surely were, but they were not made visible.

«Not having many women in this industry comes from childhood, we block certain 'children's games'«, Commented Patricia Cuenca, Manager of Process Planning, Projects and Central Systems of Swiss Medical, referring to the activities 'of boys' and 'of girls', which have alienated girls, young people and women from sectors such as the technology.

Today, in another stage of their lives, they know and spread that talent has no gender, leadership has no gender: «From knowledge we lead and contribute». They also know that they are training new generations, of boys and girls, more transparent and inclusive.

To think about the future, the desire is to work from today:“We are raising our daughters, who will be the leaders of tomorrow. They will be capable girls, they will not be scared. They are girls who will eat the world with respect, regardless of gender », shared Magda Rodríguez, Senior Solution Architects Manager for an area that covers the countries of the Andean region, Central America and the Caribbean at Red Hat.

There are references, all the women that the Red Hat Forum Latin America gathered are proof of this. They all work in the technology sector, hold managerial positions, promote female leadership and collaboration from their environments.