The world of gamers is getting bigger and bigger. The eSports Industry has had an exponential rise with more than 200 million players worldwide.

This gigantic phenomenon has led to the emergence of very prominent players around the world in recent years, some for their incredible skill, but many others for their resourcefulness in cheating.

Digital sports have spawned a gigantic industry. According to the Statista portal, in 2020 it obtained more than 940 million dollars in net income and it is estimated that by 2030 this value will increase to more than 4.750 million, an approximate increase of 18% per year.

In addition, it is estimated that by the year 2025 the number of fans of electronic sports will add more than 800 million people, between those who play and those who are consumers. In Colombia there are 22 million passionate about gaming, 64% of the population that uses the Internet, according to the portal Newzoo.

With these data, which reflect the magnitude of the business, it should be noted that there are many users who decide to cheat using external engines in order to find an 'advantage', generating great losses for the industry.

The income generated by this industry They are to a greater extent by sponsors with 59,12%, 17,76% in rights of use and 11% in fees from game publishers. This is why the biggest threat to the industry, generated by cheating scandals, is the withdrawal of financial support from big sponsors.

Companies like Adidas, BMW, Logitech, Mastercard they could drop out of online gaming and withdraw their investment, a significant loss to the world of digital sports. By some estimates, loss could exceed 650 million dollars.

The 'tricks' of video games or 'shortcuts' they are as old as the games themselves. Even the developers themselves create easy ways to test the game, pass levels faster and detect if it has a bug 'double-edged weapon'.

And it is that the industry, that each year receives a lot of new users you should upgrade your system periodically so as not to be overwhelmed by cheaters.

Companies that they are titans in the gamer world they have to deal, in most cases, with people who use the 'art' of hacking, manipulating computer files of the game, duplicating files that end up granting an economic benefit.

A study done by the company Surfshark showed that the games with the most cheating players are Fortnite, Overwatch and Counter Strike GO, all shooter games (shooting).

Aimbot and Wallhack: cheat tools:

  • Aimbot: It is a software designed exclusively for shooting games, it allows the user to automatically aim at the head of the target without the need to move the mouse or controller.
  • Wallhack: It is a program that changes game files, changes textures, and modifies game codes, allowing the user to see enemies through walls and be able to shoot.
SurfShark Studio 1
Source: SurfShark

Why do people choose to cheat?

"The trap brings a reward that is very easy to acquire and the cost is almost zero"

Lisseth Cortés, Psychologist at Los Libertadores University

It's no secret that 'recognized' players are also involved in eSports cheating. Content creators or professional players have been involved in actions are not allowed. Here some examples:

  • Face Jarvis: A youtuber who managed to create a recognized professional career, member of one of the eSports groups largest in the world Clan phase, was found using aimbot under the argument that it was an experiment on his Fortnite account. The streamer detected by epic games was banned forever from the game.
  • Nick Uh 30: His name was Nicholas, he was a Youtuber who uploaded content from Fortnite. His cheating was exposed when he failed to comply with Epic's orders at a charity tournament. The rules were clear to establish a healthy competition. The player only received a warning.
  • Phox and W3ak: Two players from Valorant, who were caught when the anticheat detector canceled his game in a practice At first the fact was denied, but later they admitted it and were banned for life.
  • Forsaken: An Indian player of the CS GO game was caught in the most important event of the year. Nikhil Kumawat used aimbot and was suspended along with his team from the competition. The officer who detected the file showed that it was an external engine called "word.exe" something that would become a meme.
  • Azubu Frost vs TSM: This case occurred in 2012, in the game called League of Legends. For technical reasons, the scenario in which they were found allowed both teams to see a general screen and see where their enemies were, and Azubu's team did so, several members looked at the general screen, They were discovered and penalized with a fine of 30 thousand dollars.

After these examples, it should be noted that traps will never cease to exist, but the path of a good gamer is to act honestly.

"When solving a difficult programming problem, there is always a golden path: an algorithm that follows the contours of the problem to a clean solution. Sometimes finding the golden path requires traveling miles through the undergrowth."

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games