Needs create opportunities, and if the pandemic generated by Covid-19 showed something, it is that health is in everything and care is an issue that crosses the borders of the sectors.

Whether it is to take care of workers, partners, students or friends, integration and collaboration is essential to take an exponential leap in solutions. Precisely, back in 2018 it was already beginning to talk in Colombia that health was not evolving, but was heading towards an exponential transformation, which is precisely what is now more evident for other types of players.

While there is already more than 10 vaccines authorized in the world, in which there is great hope for a return to a certain normalcy, the challenges of the pandemic and of health in general throughout the planet are enormous and new challenges will continue to appear. Hence the importance of finding key allies to generate strategies on the path to innovation for each actor.

One of these actors is Boston Scientific, a company that develops, manufactures and markets medical devices with a clear objective, to impact people's lives, and which serves more than 35 million patients around the world. The company has a prominent presence in Latin America, and recently established an alliance with Singularity University, to move from technologies to exponential thought and health.

In this hangout we will know in detail what exactly they are doing, cases of innovation and success in the country, along with:

  • Fernando Dussan: Director of the Andean Region at Boston Scientific. He has an academic background in biology and biochemistry. He is knowledgeable about the health systems of the Andean countries and has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device markets.
  • Mariano Plis: Marketing Director for Latin America and member of the senior leadership team for the region at Boston Scientific. He obtained his law degree and master's degree in Tax Law from the University of Buenos Aires, and has postgraduate degrees in marketing and business.
  • Laura Merchán: He has more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Banking on the Strategy and Commercial fronts, additionally supporting the implementation of new Commercial Action Models. Serves clients from the financial sector, education, health, compensation funds and real estate funds, among others. And he shares the experience of the development of Doctora Julia, an Artificial Intelligence solution from Banco Davivienda.

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