ICT Events + ICT Specials

High-impact events on current and relevant ICT issues for Colombia and Latin America, which become triggers for in-depth journalistic specials.


More than 15 contents in varied formats position these themes
and its protagonists on the public agenda.

ICT Specials and Events

Current and relevant ICT topics are developed in an event and are the center of the coverage of Impacto TIC during 3 weeks.

Topics in depth

With intensity, we develop a theme for 3 weeks of the month, so that many get hooked on it.

Topics that hit the public agenda

Each of the #EspecialesTIC has a multi-format journalistic microsite in which the sponsors are the source and protagonists of some content.


Multiformat journalistic microsites, published in Impacto TIC, in which the exclusive sponsor is a key source and protagonist of some content, for periods of 6 months or 1 year.

Contents 'evergreen'

They are highly topical topics, but they do not lose validity, thanks to the depth and treatment in the content.

Opportunity: Content Marketing

These specials are a content marketing option: a perfect complement to the communication strategies of companies, governments and organizations.


Programming (the 2020 race in Colombia?) And other study alternatives

Although many people are very clear about the path they should follow in life, for others it is more difficult to make important decisions, ...

The unexpected consequences of COVID-19

This pandemic has brought some foreseeable consequences and others that were not seen to come. This is a review of the unexpected consequences of COVID-19.

COVID-19: the world advances amid uncertainty

One of the situations that make the fight against COVID-19 more difficult is that its behavior is quite unpredictable. Initially considered a disease ...

Colombia jumped from the mule to the plane and is already on the 4RI

Talking about industrial revolutions in Colombia implies understanding the social and cultural contexts of each region. There is no horizontal timeline.

Today's companies should 'walk in the cloud', better if it is hybrid - #RedHatForum

It's a reality, cloud environments are here to stay. According to figures from the Synergy Research Group, the profits of the ...

Smart cities, what are their limits? A new chapter of the #ContraTIC podcast

Throughout the special Reimagining Smart Cities and Territories we met various proposals, definitions, opinions, approaches and definitions about what a Smart City ...

The 'new realities' that the next generation of doctors are training with

As technology advances, many of the most impactful applications are related to science. Not surprising, since in ...

Cryptography for anonymity, to "protect privacy and life"

Social activism in digital environments goes far beyond creating (or knocking down) trends on Twitter. Maybe, that would be a first ...

From Colombia to the heart of the gamers of the world

Creating video games is an impossible task. Or at least that's what it sounds like to those outside of the industry. On...