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With topics ranging from regulation and IoT, to neutral networks, among other trends, the 2023 version of the Ibero-American Forum of Convergence and Audiovisual (FICA) It is a must for experts in telecommunications and the audiovisual industry.

With a structure divided into three blocks, the FICA Forum returns to center stage at the Andean Link 2023. And is that the over the years, the FICA It has become a space for dialogue between opinion leaders, directors of television and telecommunications operators, and regulatory authorities.

Because this space allows the analysis not only technological, but also financial, legal and commercial, of the new technologies that are changing the planet and its businesses. For this year, in addition to FICA, it will be complemented by a Smart Cities agenda.

To begin, on September 7 the FICA forum will host the panel: 'Innovative and intelligent regulation: the present challenge', where the initiatives that have been working in Colombia directly from their protagonists will be presented.

For this purpose, there will be the presence of luxury guests such as Nicolas Silva, expert commissioner of the CRC, who will present the innovative regulation model of this entity. Ivan Dario Tellez Silva, general manager Atempre, who will share his vision on the role of ISPs in government and corporate business.

They will also participate basilio rodriguez, president of LAC-ISP, the federation of associations and chambers of Internet providers in Latin America and the Caribbean. Hoffman Alberto Rios, president of the National Telecommunications Unit Association. Helga Lorena Angarita Croswaythe, President Red Intercable TV Colombia International Coordinator Certal Chapters, and Galé Mallol Agudelo, Executive Chairman of Asotic.

In the afternoon, FICA will rotate to see the latest trends "On the future of the entertainment industry as it is, in Latin America, and various panels in charge of the ICT Ministry, the Group for Strengthening the Audiovisual Sector" says Gabriel E. Levy, Academic Coordinator of Andina Link.

Internet challenges and trends

For March 8 the FIC given space for the panel 'New technologies for high Internet speeds' which will deal with the challenges of ISPs in the midst of an increasingly demanding market and how to achieve financial balance in these conditions.

The guests for this topic will be Rodolfo Bianchi, president of the Argentine Chamber of Small Internet Providers (CAPPI); the specialized consultant Carlos Eduardo Faria; Leonardo Antonio Rodríguez, CEO and founder of the Latin American group TCA and Luis Heredia regional sales engineering (CALA) of DZS.

In addition to this meeting, for the afternoon of the same day, the role of neutral networks in Latin America, an increasingly relevant trend around infrastructure sharing models.

For this topic, there will be the presence of Salvador Bertenbreiter, CEO – Peru IX & PIT Colombia; Basilio Rodriguez, president of LAC-ISP, the federation of associations and chambers of internet providers in Latin America and the Caribbean; Rodrigo Hernan Acosta, president of the CCC media center; Javier Salazar, commercial and marketing manager of Tensortec, and Jose Miguel Poveda, product manager of Internexa.

IoT comes into play

The Internet of Things is not waiting, with 29.300 billion devices connected to the network, and where half of them belong to the IoT, this trend has become an increasingly important business vertical for operators, but what are they? the challenges and what role should ISPs take?

To discuss this topic, they will meet Alejandro Salazar Diaz-Granados, manager of business developer Atempre; the expert consultant Christiams Valle Gomez and Ronal Jamid Bohorquez Rincon, commercial manager of the IMS business group.

In addition to these panels, several specialized conferences will be presented, touching on points such as the challenge of OTTs and their impact on the telecommunications and entertainment sector, among other exhibitions.

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