A better digital world starts with us

Join more than 28.000 certified Colombians and 40.000 trained in Digital Citizenship!

Soy Digital is a global program developed by Meta (formerly Facebook) together with Impacto TIC In colombia.

It is designed to provide the fundamental digital skills that Colombians need to be responsible digital citizens, as well as guidelines for critical thinking - key to dealing with misinformation and fake news - empathy and digital discourse.

Meet I'm Digital

It is a free training and inspiration program in Digital Citizenship of Facebook and Impacto TIC.

In its first season, it trained 18.000 Colombians and certified 11.000 of them as digital citizens.

It consists of 10 modules distributed in 3 sessions of 3 hours duration, which are taught live and online by trainers of Impacto TIC and digital leaders from Colombia.

Now, the face-to-face Soy Digital festivals are here

Interested in a free festival for your organization or community? We are going anywhere in Colombia.

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Festival 1:
Internet and Digital Citizenship

Module 1. What is the Internet for?
Module 2. Your fingerprint
Module 3. Protect your digital identity
Module 4. Communicate respectfully and effectively
Module 5. Create positive relationships online

Festival 2:
Critical thinking and fake news

Module 6. Become a critical thinker
Module 7. Fake news, how to fight them?
Module 8. WhatsApp and how to verify the information

Festival 3:
Digital business and content creation

Module 6. Become a critical thinker
Module 9: Be a Responsible Content Creator
Module 10: Discover the power of citizen journalism

Contents on Digital Citizenship

This is how Colombians perceive the Internet and the .CO domain, according to a study by .CO Internet.

CO point or ce-o point. It is possible that each one says it in a different way so that the listener is more clear about which...

Hand in hand with #SoyDigital, Colombia has more responsible Internet users

Worldwide Internet users grow day by day and Colombia is not far behind. However, the rise of connected...

How through example, our children can be good digital citizens?

Every father and mother of a family wants their sons and daughters to develop as responsible citizens and good people. That when they go out to...

Dirty campaign between candidates, #NoticiasTIC and more content on Technology, Innovation and Science

There are only 13 days left until the second round of the presidential elections in Colombia, and many citizens, especially those of us who are immersed in...

Guidelines to successfully overcome the migration process to digital spaces

New skills, new knowledge and digital skills make up the list of chores in the constantly changing world in which we live in the ...

Let's talk about sexting, consent, characteristics, risks and tips

Although little is talked about openly about sexting, it is a more common activity than it is recognized. If they haven't done it directly (or ...

How to enjoy and take advantage of social networks without losing productivity?

On many occasions we turn to our mobile phone to review the topic or topics of the day on Twitter or to distract ourselves a bit ...

Women with disabilities, a double challenge to achieve inclusion

"To be inclusive, you don't have to knock down a building to build a single ramp. The biggest wall that needs to be knocked down is in...

VPN, a good tool to protect your privacy

In an increasingly connected world, digital contexts have come to acquire equal or even more relevance than physical contexts. After...

#NosMovemos: Smart Cities require female perspectives

According to a recent study carried out by the Despacio Foundation, women make 40% of their journeys for work reasons, but those ...

Mijos, you who do know, help strengthen the digital appropriation of older adults

In Colombia, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection tells us that an older adult is a person aged 60 and over. Of the...

Digital responsibilities and challenges in the Colombian social outbreak – ContraTIC

Last Monday, June 28, there was a 2-month national strike in Colombia, a time in which we have witnessed and, in ...

Cryptography for anonymity, to "protect privacy and life"

Social activism in digital environments goes far beyond creating (or knocking down) trends on Twitter. Maybe, that would be a first ...

Colombia, towards the social appropriation of knowledge in Technology, Innovation and Science

Science is in everything, but how to make all people, without social distinction, appropriate it in their day to day ...

National Strike and the challenge of understanding and facing its digital phenomena

Connectivity problems and complaints of censorship, failures of digital platforms, explosion of videos of the protests, complaints and false news, visibility ...

Myths and 'digital' truths during the National Strike

"They are saying that...", "Did you see that...?", "It is circulating..." are fragments of increasingly recurring phrases on days of National Strike. Messages are circulating...

National Unemployment Colombia: Activism in the digital age

For several years now we have been migrating all activities from analog to digital life, in simple examples such as ...

The future of WhatsApp and business messaging platforms

The time is almost up. After months and postponements by Facebook, this May 15 WhatsApp, the most ...

Roblox, the best kept secret of the new generations

When we talk about platforms that have grown in number of users amid the pandemic, we generally tend to think in names ...

What do Colombian girls, boys and adolescents see on the Internet and on television?

The Session of the Audiovisual Content Commission of the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) published the study 'Childhood and audiovisual media in Colombia: ...

Didactic tools to teach Digital Citizenship to the new generations

Digital Citizenship is undoubtedly one of the most important issues of our time. The massification of online services - from social networks ...

Youths! How much do they do with that cell phone?

What do children and young people do so much with their cell phones? This is a question that may concern more than one ...

With computers and notebooks, an engineer empowers rural communities in Cauca

The purpose of each person in this world is a topic that becomes more relevant every day, not only in economic environments, but also more ...

Why is the message that prohibits Facebook from using what you post is useless

"I, John Doe, in full use of my mental faculties, forbid Facebook to use the information that I publish on the platform ..." ....

What do haters have on their minds? - #DigitalCitizenship

Those who lived their childhood and adolescence back there between the 1970s and 1990s often wonder how they endured the bullying of the ...

How to handle digital bullying and still enjoy social media

The '2021: Global overview report' was recently published, this year's version of the We Are Social and Hootsuite digital report, one ...

Get involved for a PS5 using your digital skills

As part of the initiative Impacto TIC to promote responsible Digital Citizenship in the country, a race of ...

Rights and duties that are key to exercising as Digital Citizens

More than being a leisure space, the Internet is a world of opportunities in all fields, from social relationships and education ...

This is how Digital Citizenship goes in Latin America

Although there are public programs, most of them focus on the digitization of public services. The focus of training and certification is scarce.

I am Digital Colombia, an opportunity to catch up with Digital Citizenship

The world changed, it has been changing forever, but without a doubt in 2020 the change was even greater. It has become a phrase ...

More digital citizens are needed, native or not

When we talked about the digital label (netiquette) in 2017, we did not imagine how important it would become in such a short time. In conversations it is common ...

Facebook and Impacto TIC They bring Soy Digital to Colombia

The massive and practically forced migration of people to the digital environment, all over the world, has brought challenges of all kinds. But after ...

10 benefits and characteristics of a Digital Citizen

The opportunities and benefits when it comes to becoming a Digital Citizen are considerable, but it's not just about the number, it's ...

How to lead a healthy digital life, free from disorders and diseases

Every day we use technology in one of its endless presentations. That's fine, but not when it comes to sick use that ...

Networking, the time to bring out your digital label

In networking (or relationship in networks) it could well be considered as an art. It is not an easy task, and to do it successfully requires talent ...

What is a digital citizen?

It is evident that we live in a world full of technology, but it is not only about mobile devices, computers and Artificial Intelligence tools,...

The team

Fernando Muñoz

Managing Director

Co-founder and project manager of Impacto TIC. Technology, innovation and business journalist. Consultant in content-based communications strategies. Journalistic Content Marketing Specialist.

Mauricio Jaramillo Marin

Academic director

Co-founder and journalistic director of Impacto TIC. Lecturer, consultant and trainer in digital, journalism and technology issues in Colombia and Latin America.

Juan Felipe Suarez

Trainer and Academic Coordinator

Ecologist passionate about education, as well as the dissemination and appropriation of knowledge, with experiences in environmental issues and their relationship with technology and social networks. In addition, he is co-founder of EcoChuspa, an environmental outreach venture.

Mary Camila Gomez


Social communicator and journalist from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, with experience in digital communication, writing, management of social networks and strategic alliances, and experience in training in digital and communication issues.

Viviana Fernandez


Bachelor's degree in Child Pedagogy with an emphasis on research, and with an ongoing specialization in Childhood, Culture and Development. She is a mentor, teacher and trainer with more than 10 years of experience.

johana hoyos


Systems Engineer, with extensive experience in the field of education, training teachers, parents and students in the management of ICT in programs that contribute to closing the digital divide, such as Computers to Educate, Redvolución and ProFuturo.

Sonia Caroline Gil


Degree in Communication and Educational Informatics, with a master's degree in e-Learning. She has been a face-to-face teacher and virtual tutor, and has participated in the creation of learning environments mediated by the use of ICT.

Claudia Marcela Gomez

Administrative leader

Professional business Administration. In charge of the administrative processes of Soy Digital and of supporting the management of the program.