What are 5G private networks and what are they for?

Although the countdown is still a bit far from reaching 0 in many Latin American countries, the region's business sector is already making plans to take full advantage of the 5th generation of mobile technologies.

The general benefits of 5G - higher speed, lower latency, more connected devices - will allow this technology to be applied to achieve much more efficient results in different areas. The most talked about tend to be telesurgery and autonomous driving; The gaming world will also benefit significantly from 5G, but there are many more.

One prominent area where 5G will make a critical contribution is private networks. To explain what private 5G networks are and what they are for, Amikam Yalovetkzky, MediaTek Senior Sales Manager for Latin America, shares with us some practical examples that allow us to understand the concept more easily, in a new chapter of Learn with Amikam.

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Lead image: MediaTek.

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