19,9 million Colombians play video games, according to Logitech

In the framework of the 'Sofa The Exhibition', Logitech, a Swiss company dedicated to the manufacture of devices mainly for the Gaming, revealed figures on the current state of video games in the country. The company indicated that this market has grown notably in Colombia as a result of the pandemic and, in fact, A figure of 19,9 million Colombians has been reached who play video games, whether on consoles, PC or mobile devices. Diego León, Logitech manager for Colombia, stated that «In 2019, the size of the gamer market in Colombia was 418 million dollars, with an approximate annual growth of 8%. The pandemic raised it to 15% in 2020, with an approximate income of 480 million dollars ».

Photo: Logitech

The Swiss company said that there has been a sustained growth in sales of devices such as hearing aids, mice, computer cameras, simulators and keyboards. Logitech also assured that that e-sports, video game competitions, had an audience in Colombia of 2,3 million people before the pandemic, and that number is estimated to be higher today. Some of the titles that the company highlighted as the most relevant are 'Fortnite', 'Fifa' and 'League of Legends', the latter being one of the ones that companies have bet the most on. Recently, Movistar announced that it will be the title sponsor of the professional league of 'League of Legends', the Fibra Movistar Golden League.


Initiative of the MinTIC is included in the Observatory of AI Policies of the OECD

Platform Data Sandbox of the ICT Ministry was included in the Observatory of Artificial Intelligence Policies of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The main functions of the Data Sandbox include enabling cloud services for government officials and contractors to explore data sets collaboratively and interactively. According to MinTIC, the objective of this platform is to help in the search for solutions to public or citizen problems through data science and the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution such as Big Data, IoT and artificial intelligence.

Photo: Markus Spiske (Unsplash)

The Data Sandbox platform has a wide capacity for storing and processing structured, unstructured and semi-structured data thanks to the use of Big Data technologies. According to Jelkin Zair Carrillo, deputy director of digital public capacity building at the MinTIC, "Data Sandbox has promoted the development of projects, improving capacities and knowledge about costs, processes, technologies, among others, for the adoption of data science and Big Data technology in public entities."

The MinTIC indicated that 8 projects of entities such as Dane, DNP, ICBF, among others, have been completed using the Data Sandbox. Likewise, each entity has published the results in open source for the reuse of those interested in public processes. On this link You can find the open source published by the entities.

'Colombia Investment Summit' will seek to attract investments of 8.000 million dollars

The seventh edition of the 'Colombia Investment Summit' (CIS) expects to bring together more than 1.000 participants and more than 300 international companies during the 3 days that its agenda will last. The event will take place in a hybrid way in Bogotá from October 20 to 26 and will present 150 investment projects with a combined value of more than 8.000 million dollars. en sectors such as infrastructure, manufacturing and technology. The aim of summit It is to show the strategic advantages of the country and the opportunities for foreign companies that wish to invest in this market.

Photo: Procolombia

The 'Colombia Investment Summit' will feature academic presentations and business meetings with local companies, project owners and government entities. Likewise, the event will show the measures adopted by the country to achieve a speedy economic recovery after the pandemic generated by Covid-19. The CIS is organized by Procolombia, an entity in charge of promoting Colombian exports, international tourism and direct or indirect foreign investment in the country. According to that entity, The 2020 version of the CIS achieved $ 1.340 billion in investment announcements and more than 2.000 business appointments were completed. En this link you can register for the event.


Professor at the UIS is one of the most influential analytical scientists in the world

Elena Stashenki. Photo: Industrial University of Santander

Elena Stashenki, a Russian researcher and professor at the Industrial University of Santander (UIS), was included among the 60 most influential analytical scientists in the world by the British magazine The Analytical Scientist. Professor Stashenki has worked as a teacher and researcher at the School of Chemistry of the Faculty of Science of the UIS since 1983, and is director of the Cenivam and the Laboratory of Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry. Since 2013, The British magazine publishes the list of the 60 analytical scientists that they consider to be the most influential in the world in this field and the 10 most important in the region; Elena Stashenki appears among them for the third consecutive year.

The TUI highlighted that Professor Stashenki has directed more than 250 undergraduate, master's and doctoral theses and that she has participated in the publication of more than 250 scientific articles in international and national indexed journals, conference proceedings and international symposia. According to the journal, this recognition was granted based on the nominations made by the scientific reading community, taking into account the quality of the research, its importance and other aspects of interest.. In an interview with The Analytical Scientist, Stashenki recommended scientists "Achieve a complete and deep understanding of scientific concepts, use logic and common sense throughout life, base judgments on scientific evidence, and never tire of asking why."

More ICT news

They develop technology to recover works of art on which it has been painted later

A group of scientists from University College London, in the UK, developed a 5-step technology to retrieve works of art that have been painted on. The tool used a combination of spectroscopic imaging, artificial intelligence and 3D printing to 'resurrect' Pablo Picasso's depiction of a crouching naked woman who was hidden for more than a century under 'The blind man's food'.

99,9% of scientific articles agree that climate change is caused by humans

An investigation published in Environmental Research Letters determined that 99,9% of peer-reviewed scientific articles on climate change agree that climate change is mainly caused by humans. Benjamin Houlton, a co-author of the study, said that "It is essential to recognize the main role of greenhouse gas emissions in climate change in order to be able to mobilize solutions quickly". In total, 88.125 studies on the subject were analyzed.

WhatsApp now allows you to join ongoing group calls through chat

The instant messaging platform updated the function that allows joining ongoing group video calls and it is now possible to join these conversations directly from the chat of the group. WhatsApp clarified that only those who are part of the group will be able to join the video call in progress, which will be displayed in the tab cats with the video camera icon in the group image. In July, the platform enabled the ability to join an ongoing video call and this is an update to that feature.

Main photo: Florian Gagnepain (Unsplash)